If you get sick or suffer an injury while studying as a student at the University of Manitoba, the International College of Manitoba, the University of Winnipeg, or Brandon University, it’s important to get the medical attention you need. The Manitoba International Student Health Plan offers comprehensive health coverage for eligible medical services while you’re residing in Canada.

Below you will find a Benefits Booklet for download that provides more details about your plan.

Have questions about your health? Check out HI (Virtual Health Care).

Students covered by MISHP have access to HI (Virtual Health Care), provided by Dialogue. This online platform empowers you to be proactive about your health by allowing you to virtually connect with nurses and physicians via a mobile or web app from anywhere in Canada. Click here for details.

Please note: Eligible international students living abroad can also consult a nurse or doctor through HI for any health-related questions via chat, video, or phone. Specialist referrals and drug prescriptions are not available outside of Canada.

About the benefits

Your Manitoba International Student Health Plan provides coverage for primary health-care coverage that may be difficult to afford outside your home country.

Studentcare, the leading provider of student health and dental plans in Canada, ensures your health and well-being so that you can focus on your studies abroad.

MISHP cost comparison


Full access to MISHP coverage comes into effect at the beginning of your first term of study (Sept. 1, Jan.1, or May 1, depending on whether you start in the fall, winter, or spring/summer).

For ICM students only, the policy year lasts 12 months from your start date (i.e. Sept 1 – Aug. 31, Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, May 1 – Apr. 30). For all other students, the policy year ends on Aug. 31 each year no matter which term you start in (i.e. Sept. 1 – Aug. 31, Jan. 1 – Aug. 31, May 1 – Aug. 31).

Note for ICM students in winter 2024: students who began their school year in fall 2023 will exceptionally be covered from Jan. 1 - Aug. 31, 2024 (8 months of coverage for $688 instead of the full $1,032). Starting in September 2024, fall students will be charged for the full 12 months of Sept. - Aug.

Emergency-only early coverage: If you’re a student newly enrolled in MISHP who requires unexpected medical care, you have access to emergency-only coverage for one month before your first term. This coverage also extends to any dependants enrolled in MISHP for that same first term. During this time, please pay up front for any medical expenses you incur, keep your receipts, and once you’ve received your MISHP Coverage Card, submit a claim form to Manitoba Blue Cross to be reimbursed for eligible expenses.

Extended coverage after graduation from a degree program: If you’re an international student covered by MISHP who graduates from a degree program, you can apply to have your coverage extended for four months after your final term. This extended coverage also applies to any dependants enrolled in MISHP for the term prior to graduation. To apply for the extension, please contact Studentcare.

Coverage Differences Between MISHP and the UMSU or ICM Student Health & Dental Plan

Manitoba International Student Health Plan (MISHP)
A mandatory basic plan that covers medically necessary services, such as:
• Physician/surgeon
• X-rays/lab testing
• Prescription drugs
• Hospital services
• And more...

UMSU or ICM Student Health & Dental Plan
An extended plan that provides additional coverage for important health-care services, such as:
• Vaccinations
• Psychologists
• Dental exams
• Eyeglasses and contact lenses
• And more...

Check your student account to confirm if you’ve been charged MISHP and/or UMSU or ICM Plan fees, and visit for complete details on what is covered by the UMSU or ICM supplementary plan.

Download your Detailed Benefits Booklet for the 2023-2024 academic year

Download your Detailed Benefits Booklet for the 2022-2023 academic year